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Removing chemicals on a cellular base.

How our environment affects us and vice versa.

More than 100,000 different chemical compounds- invisible en odorless - fill the air and the water around us. At least 1 out of 10 has a negative influence on the cells in our body.

The impact of these environmental pollutants is bigger than the impact of our genes. So is the influence of humanity on the environment many times greater as what it should be, in order to maintain a healthy long-term relationship with our planet.

Driven by an ethical long-term vision, we thrive towards optimalisation and improvement of our work & living environment. Environmentally burdensome waste and unnecessary transport are avoided. This goes hand in hand with the prevention of diseases and chronic health problems, as well as the symptomatic treatment of some specific disorders, in consequence of our own human pollution.
Combining a solid scientific background and autonomous analysing methods, we are able to screen your environment on any possible pollutant.
A constant need for innovation allows us to combine a wide range of purification methods to offer a correct solution to our customers.
Result driven interventions, such as purifying the air and water in a living or working environment, create a positive impact on our body and our environment.

Our Core Values

  • Sustainability

    ChemCell opts for materials and products with a long life span.
  • Profitability

    Our systems are more efficient and they cost less in the foreseeable future than their pernicious alternatives.
  • Ecological

    Less waste. Avoid transport. Use Plastic as a qualitative product; Not as a mass disposable product.
  • Conventional

    Easy to use, low maintenance.
  • Integrity

    ChemCell acts out of a necessary need for a better future. Honesty, our credo.
  • Health

    ChemCells products improve human and planetary health.

Our services

What can we offer you?

Water analysis

Does your drinking water meet the legal norm? Would you like a screening of a lot of other chemicals that may be able to pollute your drinking water and impose a risk to the health of your family or workers? We test a very wide range of parameters in cooperation with accredited laboratories.

Air analysis

Regular headache or bad sleep? Heart patient, allergic or asthmatic? Bad smell in the offices or your property? High rates of sick leave or do your employees have a small attention span? ChemCell tests on different substances, maps the quantity of fine and ultra fine particles and concludes a number of possible reasons for the above.

Personal advice

ChemCell informs about 100,00 fabrics... We will assist you in all areas! Together with you, we'll first establish which substances are worth analysing and could lead to certain disorders. This way, we lower the cost for the analysis. Afterwards, together with you, we maintain a full interpretation of the results.


Is it possible to improve the quality of the air we breath and the water we drink? Our knowledge allows us to develop the right products to solve a specific problem. Each integration is sustainable, ecological and result driven. You get an analysis before and after.

Our social engagement

ChemCell is committed to supporting a number of social goals every year. Not only on a financial basis, after all, our employees are actively involved in the aid of certain social engaged organisations.

The support that ChemCell offers goes to organisations and events that help children in poverty, people with a physical or mental handicap. Our support goes to anyone who can use help and has too little to fall back on. Our policy is one with a heart for people.

Do you organize an event for charity or do you have an organisation that can use some support? Please feel free to contact us. Want to contribute? We kindly invite you to the next event for charity