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Air Analysis

Fine particles and mold

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Air Analysis

Knowledge defines presupposition

Our modern world is evermore struggling with a problematic air quality. Due to a great deal of home and work traffic or nearby industry, the fine and ultra fine dust levels never fall below the maximum limit recommended by the World Health Organization.
Air quality has an immediate impact on your energy level, your sleeping behavior, on headaches and coughing, both in children and adults. In the meantime, various measurements have also unambiguously demonstrated that the indoor air can sometimes be polluted 10 times more as the outside air. More and more studies are urgently needed to minimize the amount of persistent endocrine disruptors, synthetic odors, volatile organic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Fine particles: it's all around us. But what exactly is the correct definition of particulate matter? Many substances in our environment are named and cataloged under their composition or the damage they cause to the environment or the impact on our health. However, both can have different compositions and consequences. The correct definition for particulate matter has to do with the size of the particles. From a certain particle smaller than 10 micrometers (that is 0.01 millimeter) we speak of particulate matter. In many articles and research you also read PM10, but that is just the same as 10 micrometer. Under the classification of particulate matter you can once again make a distinction. You have 3 major categories; PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.5 (particles that are respectively less than 10 micrometers, less than 2.5 micrometers and less than 0.5 micrometers). When breathing, the first category finds its way into our nose and throat, the second category gets all the way into our lung tissue and alveoli, while the third category can end up in our blood. Depending on their size, the dust particles can damage our body in a variety of ways.

This video will show you what the main reasons for its body altering effects are: